HYPR ranked #1 on Influencer Marketing Hub - 4.7/5


The Story

The story of Hypr isn’t another one of those “two guys in a garage” tech startup myths. No, Hypr started by two guys in a living room. Founded by entrepreneur Gil Eyal and technical whiz-kid Guy Tamir, Hypr is an influencer marketing search engine based on a single idea. Namely, that if you’re investing in an influencer to create content for you and you don’t know much about her target audience other than its size, you’re doing things wrong.
The front-end for Hypr sits atop a massive database of 3 million influencers along with the demographic data of their followers. That number is going up to 10 million in early 2017. Clearly, this is not an opt-in network of influencers and the information they provide. There’s a true search engine crawler that’s parsing through billions of social media posts and indexing all the information it can scrape up. On its website, Hypr argues that with opt-in networks “there is typically an unspoken agreement between the platform and the influencer that the platform should help the influencer make money.” Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but there can’t be any doubt that when you work with an opt-in network, you’re only getting to see the people the platform wants you to see. Hypr aims to remedy this by providing what it terms a “talent agnostic” search engine. They don’t care which influencer you choose to work with; finding an influencer that’s right for you is the only thing that matters.


That last criticism aside, Hypr is still among the most powerful influencer search tools I’ve come across. Ultimately, it’s the influencer’s audience you’re after, and Hypr is built on this fact. The size of its database is staggering, and don’t forget it’s about to get 3 times larger. Hypr is perfect for companies with an in-house marketing department that needs a way to find influencers to work with. But it could also be a great supplement for those who are already working with an influencer marketing agency that exclusively selects from its own talent pool. You’d be able to do your own research on the influencers they’re suggesting you use as a way to independently verify their credentials and performance. Or use it to find your own influencers, whom you can then bring into future campaigns with the agency you’re working with.


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