10 Israelis making a mark on New York’s tech scene


A musician, tech pioneers, content-discovery evangelists, big-data gurus, eagle-eye investors and a kibbutznik with a hot idea for shared workspaces.

By Viva Sarah Press  SEPTEMBER 19, 2016, 8:00 AM


Gil Eyal is one of the pioneers of the influencer marketing industry, which swirls together the power of celebrity endorsements with algorithms, databases and audience demographics.

Before cofounding HyPR , Eyal was an executive at Mobli Media, Disney and Dell. Before that he was a commercial lawyer and earned his MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

One of the go-to veteran Israeli entrepreneurs for advice-seeking new Israeli companies, Eyal is credited with introducing the concept of celebrity investments to startups and technology companies – driving 20 million users to Mobli by partnering with 120 celebrities, among them Lil Wayne, Adam Levine, Nash Grier, Austine Mahone, Zandaya Coleman and Stephen Curry.

Eyal said he created the company to “revolutionize influencer marketing by providing tools that help analyze the audience of every celebrity and influencer in the world, as well as automate the ability to run measurable, targeted campaigns, at scale.”

HyPR has its headquarters in the World Trade Center and its R&D in Tel Aviv.

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