These Companies Are Shaping The Face of Big Data

It's All About Utilizing The Goldmine of Data You're Sitting On.

BY YOAV VILNER Co-founder, Ranky


While some companies are building their own data analytics platforms, and others are struggling to reach the best information regarding their business, SQream Technologies provides clients with a database that is leveraging GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) to deliver a robust software technology solving complex big data and analytics pains.

As the pace of accumulated data is growing exponentially, companies are often overwhelmed by the amount of data they need to deal with in order to get the insight and business value they are looking for.

SQream is essentially a technology able to analyze massive amounts of data with minimum hardware requirements and infrastructure changes involved.

It utilizes GPU's, which together with the company's patented technology, result in up to 100 times faster analytics performance on terabyte-petabyte scale data sets.

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