About us


What We Do

Being a technology CEO is a lonely job.  The velocity of critical decision making is intense and the pressure to get it right grows every day. Moreover, most everyone has an ‘interest’ in the advice given. Silvertech Ventures is an accelerator and venture capital firm focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their companies by respecting the role of the CEO, helping with our network and experience, and most importantly, by being there when needed.

  • We are founder focused. Companies change, sometimes rapidly. We care about people.

  • We are flexible.  Some companies live with us for a year, others stay for several.

  • We are stage agnostic.

Most of our portfolio companies  join Silvertech after they already have raised capital and have a product in the market, some join us earlier and others have joined after raising substantial capital. We care about people more than stage.

Most of our deal flow is generated by referrals from founders who have worked with us, or investors. We are located at Seven World Trade Center with our partner, Silverstein Properties Inc.. Silverstein contributes its business and real estate expertise and its broader network to Silvertech.  

How We Do It

The best entrepreneurs lead us to emerging areas through their domain expertise. We believe founders and their teams perform best when they have people they can trust by their sides. We prefer not to sit on boards or confuse our advice and relationships with the operational responsibilities of the management teams. Trust, respect and honesty are our core values. We understand it is our responsibility to earn the trust of founders and their teams.

What We Don’t Do

  • Short-term relationships
  • Judge people
  • Demo days
  • Group lectures (really, we don’t do any lectures)